Mary Affee

Everyone deserves to master their emotions and feel peaceful, whole and safe.

Dr. Mary Affee has spent the past 14 years providing children, teens and adults with the tools they need to do just that. A native of Long Island, New York, Dr. Affee has spent 14 years in the mental health field, working with public schools in New York and North Carolina and building her own private practice by integrating expressive therapies, which are her passion.

Dr. Affee is the founder and clinical director of Horizon Integrated Wellness Group, which specializes in mental health services for children, teens and families. She is a licensed clinical social worker and a registered play therapist and supervisor who has extensive clinical experience working with trauma. She is also an adjunct professor at Molloy College, where she teaches play therapy and expressive arts therapy in the school’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program.

As president of the North Carolina Association for Play Therapy, Dr. Affee hopes to continue creating awareness for age-appropriate, culturally appropriate and developmentally appropriate treatment for children, teens, families and communities.

When she is not caring for her patients, Dr. Affee relishes time with her granddaughter, Adalina.

Life is not always easy. It can hurt. It can be unpredictable. When someone experiences trauma or severe stress, often their life unravels. My passion is to empower children, teens and adults with the tools they need to find healthy perceptions of themselves, to help strengthen their relationships, and to take control of their emotions and their lives.

Dr. Mary Affee


Imagery and storytelling are more effective ways to acquire knowledge through memories, moments, and learning.

Storytelling helps foster emotional intelligence and gives children voice and language, so if they are able to focus on a character or something in the content, it removes the intensity of having to speak about themselves. It opens up a safer dialogue. Or it creates a shared experience, where the child can relate through a parallel experience. It gives them a platform.

Dr. Affee is developing a series of children’s books based on her granddaughter, Adalina. These books can help start conversations with children about many feelings and situations. They can also be easily adapted for feeling identification in counseling or classroom settings.

Adalina's Mask

Children have been wearing masks during medical treatment for many years to help keep them safe. The COVID-19 pandemic let the world feel what it’s like to wear masks every day, everywhere!

This book is a simple story designed to normalize feelings associated with mask-wearing in children. It will be useful to school counselors, play therapists, social workers, hospital providers, parents, and caregivers of children.

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Look for more Adalina books soon!


Dr. Affee has been speaking and engaging in professional development for counselors, teachers and parents for a decade.

Her workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your organization. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The Magic of Metaphors: Integrating Metaphors to Enhance Client Engagement and Efficiency
  • Introduction to Expressive Therapies
  • What is Play Therapy? An Introduction to Play Therapy
  • What is Trauma? Utilizing a Sensory Approach
  • Virtual Play Therapy – Keeping Little Ones Active and Engaged
  • Creative Collaboration – Supervision with Creative Expression Therapies
  • Sandsational® – Integrating Sand Tray Therapy into the Therapy Room
  • Creative Counseling Techniques: How to Engage Your Clients in a Virtual Reality
  • Creative Leadership Techniques: How to Build Team Capacity and Cohesion
  • Picture Your Life™ – Using an interactive mini-deck of cards in expressive therapies

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Counseling provides people with the opportunity to explore their feelings and thoughts with a trained mental health professional. Typically, most individual therapy relies on talk therapy.

At Horizon Integrated Wellness Group, we recognize that one type of treatment may not work for everyone. Our practice understands the healing benefits of expressive therapy, such as art therapy and sand tray therapy

We also specialize in neurofeedback, a research-supported treatment that sharpens attention, relieves anxiety, enhances mood, and improves learning and behavior without medication. With neurofeedback, you “train your brain,” which results in improved day-to-day functioning.

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